Saturday, September 29, 2018


  1. Because you can open your heart and speak or write on any topic (as long as) it is not opposed by Blogger and the authorities concerned.
  2. Wordpress, puts a seal when you receive more comments and if you reply to your comments and they stop allowing to put any content in the blog.        
  3. So I request by this to everyone who likes to comment to send your comments to a specially opened  gmail, under the mercy of Google. "" "
  4. My hearty thanks to everyone who appreciates my blogs ,sorry I could not do that because of wordpress regulations.
  5. There are infinite subjects to write about, as there are countries,people and the living and non-living things in this world .
  6. God had/has been gracious to send us all here as custodians  for safe-keeping all His creations pollution free. and enjoy as long as you are alive.
  7. He has given you 86400 seconds.It is up to you how you spend those precious seconds.
  8. World is after MONEY, there is nothing wrong about it unless you are very greedy and you want to show and rule the whole world and your name to be EXHIBITED in all the MEDIA in the world.
  9. Creator of the world comes Second.
  10. Courtesy, consideration and kindness goes out of the window.
  11. Easy money,Free money with less effort or no effort is welcome by many.
  12. If some one makes money he wants to show off  and not for the sake of guiding the people who want to follow him,he puts a front end FEE too because he is not happy with what he gets,or getting and his wants too go on increasing.
  13. Everyone want to be a millionaire NO but  a Billionaire.
  14. You get more Respect if you are a Billionaire.
  15. I am not at all criticising and I have no right to Judge the people.This is my personal opinion and not affecting anyone in anyway for I am told"JUDGE NOT,THOUGH YOU BE JUDGED".
  16. Life has a purpose.We have taken birth and it is our duty to find out why are we born on this world.
  17. Finding the purpose and doing what we are born is our birthright.
  18. You see these days  more Rape, murder, dacoit, robbery,shooting even in the church and schools.
  19. Our movies,serials  our so called Directors who cannot get what they crave at home or elsewhere, they solve that problem by enticing,luring the gullible people and the actors and actresses willing to do anything for MONEY agree to them and act.
  20. So they leave a mark in the heads of the younger generation why even the 86 year old man is also longing to see the exhibited scenes to satisfy his dreams even though he is unfit for any of those act nor he is capable of performing any of the act shown on the screen.
  22. No act, No law can stop all these unless you yourself change.
  23. No use blaming anyone.
  24. If you do unlawful things, there is a media to exaggerate things for the sake of MONEY and circulation.
  25. Be happy,thank God,find your purpose in life, live and let live and make money in the right way with your mental and physical to lead a decent life to the extent that you do not tread on someone's feet or in their personal life matters..
  26. Blessings and best wishes  and thanks a lot for reading with patience and forgive and forget if if any way I have harmed you with words, deed or action.

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